3 Behaviors that Define HR Leadership


I just completed a keynote discussion at the HR Technology Fair today and wanted to echo what I shared to more than 200 HR leaders. Finding ourselves in a digital-driven, fast-paced work environment, we constantly play catch up to the marketing, demographic and technological shifts in the talent market. There will forever be a war for talent. Here are three behaviors we can start practicing in the real world (and in the digital one too), to lead the charge in HR transformation.

 1. Start with Social

Why would someone work for your industry? Or for your company? (Clue: It’s not just about the money.) How are millenials changing the work environment? These are questions we need to answer before embarking on social media activities (e.g. getting onto job boards, social networking sites, etc.). ‘Start with social’ means thinking about your employer brand and understanding how you’d like to start building a relationship with your target talent segments. A talent for others is not always a talent for you. Don’t just have Facebook or LinkedIn (or whatever social media platforms you find), instead, understand what attracts applicants and employees to your company and build your communication around these areas.

2. Own the Employee Experience

Think about a roller coaster ride. Imagine the screams and faces of people on the ride. Isn’t it consistent? Aren’t all the pictures the same? It is as if it’s a guaranteed experience. When applicants speak to you on the phone, visit your booth at a job fair, take an online assessment or go for an interview, can you also guarantee a specific experience for them? Or does it vary depending on people, mood or location? When an employee attends the on-boarding session, joins a leadership program or discusses performance with their manager, can you also guarantee a specific experience for them? Own the employee experience. Make it your own and ensure that it is delivered in a way applicants and employees can rely on, each and every time.

3. Work with Metrics

Just like weight loss programs, we need a before and after picture of how effective our HR initiatives are. That being said, I cannot stress enough the importance of being able to track data across applicant and employee touch points as a way to measure our progress against our goals and against the goals of the business. Only then can we be seen as strategic partners of the business instead of typical cost centers. For starters, here is a list of top 10 recruiting metrics for 2015 according to HR Smart. Work with metrics and prove your worth.

So the acronym is S-O-W. Start with Social, Own the Employee Experience and Work with Metrics. If you can manage to direct your activities along these three behaviors, you will surely be on your way to reap what you SOW!

By Anj Vera

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