The 4 Most Common Types of Recruitment Videos


By Poch Relucio

Thinking of producing your company’s recruitment video? Seems easy, right? After all, all you need is a camera and some employees dressing their best and a little something to say about your amazing workplace.

Not so fast.

You first have to know what storytelling style to use for your video so you can communicate your employer brand and employee value propositions clearly. The right “style” that fits your brand should capture hearts and attract your target candidates to take a peek of what their life would be like if they work for you.

We did a little research and found that among most recruitment videos out there, there are basically 4 general styles companies default to.

1) The Testimonial Reel

Testimonial-style videos are the most common of all types of recruitment videos. Perhaps because it is the easiest and most cost-efficient to make. Nominate your “brand ambassadors” and have them speak truthfully about how your company is such a great place to work.

Inside Hubspot

Metrobank: Grow Your Career Towards Limitless Possibilities

2) The Job Sneak-Peek

Some call it “job previews”, some call it “a-day-in-the-life-of videos”. This video style provides a glimpse of what it is like working in a particular job. It talks about the goals, challenges, and perks of being in that role. The subject in job sneak-peeks is a singular employee or employees doing the same job.

Apple - Inventory Specialist

Life as a Data Scientist at Adobe

A Day in the Life of Rackspace

3) The Inviting Documentary

Unlike other recruitment video types, the documentary-style videos uses a narrator to tell the story of the company, employees, the culture or whatever focal value the video is conveying. Much like your shampoo commercials.

This is Zendesk

Sephora Recruitment Video

4) The Humorous Take

These funny, engaging, and sometimes crazy videos is the most difficult to make and the riskiest to pull off because it requires extremely creative writing and only fits company cultures that allow it and have humor as a shared (and publicly known) trait.

Working at Dropbox

At Twitter, The Future is You!

Another Generic Recruitment Video (Fiverr)

Bonus: The Office Tour

Zoosk Recruitment Video

Bonus: Inspirational

Adidas: Make Greatness Happen

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