5 Ways to Level Up Your Employer Brand

5 WAYS TO LEVEL UP YOUR EMPLOYER BRAND We're launching a 5 – part series to talk about the topic, ‘Global Trends in Employer Branding’. Watch these short videos as TalentView CEO, Anj Vera talks about insights on 5 ways how to level up your employer brand in today's talent acquisition landscape. In the introduction [...]

How to Use Psychometrics in the Workplace the Right Way

HOW TO USE PSYCHOMETRICS IN THE WORKPLACE THE RIGHT WAY Recruiting the right person for the right role is challenging today more than ever. With the help of the science of psychometrics, companies can still make informed hiring decisions that are efficient and effective. Psychometrics in the workplace is usually performed by administering employment tests [...]

The 12 Employer Branding Attributes

The 12 Employer Branding Attributes The war for talent has risen over the years, prompting organizations to continually experiment to keep up with the rapidly changing landscape. The spotlight is now on recruitment and its capability to attract the right audience. With the crucial role that employer branding plays in human resources, recruitment teams are [...]

Smart Communications Drives Digital Transformation

Smart Communications Drives Digital Transformation Through LinkedIn Learn how Smart worked with LinkedIn to fulfill their recruitment needs and how they became the most recognized employer brands in the Philippines while saving 4 million pesos in recruitment cost. Smart Communications: A LinkedIn Talent Solutions Success Story Background The telecom industry globally and in Philippines has [...]

Fact or Fiction: Five Common Myths About Workplace Assessment

FACT OR FICTION: FIVE COMMON MYTHS ABOUT WORKPLACE ASSESSMENT Using assessment to hire is quickly becoming the norm. Recent surveys show that more than three-quarters of organizations with over 100 employees use some form of cognitive or personality assessment. But even with this widespread adoption of assessment, I still encounter lots of people who have [...]

8 Roles That Make an Effective Team

8 ROLES THAT MAKE AN EFFECTIVE TEAM “The strength of the team is each individual. The strength of each individual is their team.” Have you ever wondered why some teams excel while others seem to fail miserably? It is because not all teams are created equal. Team members tend to behave, contribute, and interact with others [...]