creating social media content

Creating Social Media Content – Every Recruiter’s Guide eBook

Creating Social Media Content – Every Recruiter’s Guide Ebook

creating social media content

Engage your talents through attractive social media content.

As a recruiter, creating social media content might sound difficult for you to manage. After all, juggling your tasks between doing interviews, administering tests and posting on social media about how good your company can really drain energy and suck up time. What’s even harder is that you don’t know what to post on social media.

The good part is, there’s a plethora of content you can feature in your social media posts. From how your products are made to what your office looks like, these bits and pieces of stories that talk about your company as an employer can go a long way in painting a picture of how great your company is to work at. In this e-book, you’ll read about:

  • Types of posts you can start with
  • Content planning
  • The 411 Rule of Posting
  • Employee-generated content