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Why Talent Acquisition Today is Crucial

Traditional corporate structures often undermine the significance of people management in  fueling a company’s overall success. But in order for a company to put its best foot forward, it is important to acknowledge the value of human resource efforts and company culture.

Furthermore, in an evolving sphere of leadership, there is a continuous need to redefine people engagement and present new ideas on the talent landscape.

Anj Vera’s new book, Rethink Recruitment, delves into the importance of employer branding and HR relations and engagement. It attempts to re-orient people leaders to the new realities of talent acquisition.

Here, Vera shares her discussions and research on what she calls “the seven axioms of successful talent acquisition and employer branding.” The following are:

  1. See Employer Branding as a Function of the Business
  2. Bring Value Propositions to Life
  3. Have a Laser Focus on the Candidate Experience
  4. Make Referral Programs Matter
  5. Humanize Social Media
  6. Reinvent your Team
  7. Optimize with Technology

The book presents various trends, research, case studies and practical advice geared towards the foundation of a fully-functioning, well-rounded, and holistic work environment.

Rethink Recruitment aims to share fundamental practices around employer branding as it relates specifically to talent acquisition in emerging markets where there are high stakes for hiring a lot of the right people. It is true that being an employer of choice has many overlapping activities and intrinsic company qualities that are often beyond an HR leader’s scope. However, there are elements of talent acquisition that are turn keys to hiring the best talent and it all starts in the mind of every HR leader. It starts with you.” (Rethink Recruitment, pg iii)

A successful company is committed to hiring the best talents — and, equally, letting these talents find them. Rethink Recruitment provides well-crafted, research-based insights for HR professionals, talent acquisition practitioners, and marketing experts who are committed to solidifying a strong and holistic foundation of their employer brand.

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About the Author

Anj VeraAnj is the CEO of TalentView, an employer branding firm helping Fortune organizations in Southeast Asia get noticed and loved with their talent brand. With more than a decade of experience in designing human capital strategies and implementing HR technology platforms, she has also been invited to share her insights in HR leadership conferences and publications such as Inc. Magazine.

Anj is one of the pioneering graduates of the Employer Branding Leadership program of the Employer Branding College, Australia and is also an MBA graduate of De La Salle University Manila.

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