Unlocking Leadership Potential with EQ Assessments

UNLOCKING LEADERSHIP POTENTIAL:  THE IMPORTANCE OF EQ By Dianne Gonzales FINDING PEOPLE WHO KNOW PEOPLE Psychology and neuroscience expert, Dr. Daniel Goleman, explains that while a high IQ can make an organization grow exponentially, studies are increasingly demonstrating that EQ, or emotional intelligence, is of equal importance. In 1999, a study conducted by David McClelland showed that after supervisors received training [...]
The Future of Assessment Strategies for the ASEAN Economic Integration

The Future of Assessment in the ASEAN Economic Integration

THE FUTURE OF ASSESSMENT IN THE ASEAN ECONOMIC INTEGRATION By Anj Vera This past week, we've been hosting the leadership team of Talegent in Manila. I am learning a lot not only from them but from the clients we are working with. The response from companies like Sykes, 24/7, SM and Del Monte have been very [...]

3 Behaviors that Define HR Leadership

3 BEHAVIORS THAT DEFINE HR LEADERSHIP I just completed a keynote discussion at the HR Technology Fair today and wanted to echo what I shared to more than 200 HR leaders. Finding ourselves in a digital-driven, fast-paced work environment, we constantly play catch up to the marketing, demographic and technological shifts in the talent market. [...]

2016 HR Predictions That Will Impact The Way We Develop People Strategies

2016 HR PREDICTIONS THAT WILL IMPACT THE WAY WE DEVELOP PEOPLE STRATEGIES By Anj Vera One way or another, science is coming to HR. The convergence of technology, data and work mobility has indeed changed the landscape of the workplace. And while it has brought great positive impact, this has also affected the way we [...]

Six HR Technology Insights That Impact Your People Strategy

6 HR TECHNOLOGY INSIGHTS THAT IMPACT YOUR RECRUITMENT STRATEGIES I had the great honour of sitting on the panel of the HR Tech Tank Conference in Hong Kong last week. It was a truly global event with HR innovators and leading practitioners from all over the world sharing insights on the future of HR Technology [...]

7 Ways to Humanize Performance Management

7 WAYS TO HUMANIZE PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT It is a fact that is recognized and strongly believed by a lot of companies: the most important asset is a good employee. Companies go out of their way to keep employees happy, motivated, and productive, all because an employee without these characteristics is less of an "asset" to [...]