The Art and Science of Talent Acquisition: Strengthening Your Employer Brand

February 17, 9am-5pm @ Oakwood Premier Hotel, Ortigas Center

Do you struggle with convincing applicants to join your organization? Have you ever wondered why a competitive package is no longer enough to influence them to join or stay?

The new environment of business has made it necessary for talent acquisition to be experts in both recruitment process and strategy. Creating a strong employer brand has never been this crucial as in today’s war for talent.

TalentView is inviting you to a learning session on the topic “The Art and Science of Talent Acquisition: Strengthening Your Employer Brand.”

This 1-day session will be held on February 17, 9am to 5pm at Oakwood Hotel, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

“I’m very happy with the insights, ideas I’ve learned from the session. These will be really helpful as we go on our journey to build our employer brand.”

Martha AgubRebisco

“This session opened up a lot of ideas on how we can improve our acquisition system. Interactions allow us to learn as well from other participants, a lot of realization as well on the gaps we have from best practices of EB.”

Ma. Rosario PinedaSeaoil

“Excellent Job! Anj – well informed, with innovation and updates on key takeaways on employer branding.”

Neysa GloriaAlorica


The Art and Science of Talent Acquisition: Strengthening Your Employer Brand



  • HR Heads, VPs, Directors, Senior Managers
  • Recruitment Heads, VPs, Directors, Senior Managers
  • Recruitment Marketing Professionals


At the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  • Learn global best practices in talent acquisition and employer branding
  • Apply strategies to strengthen talent acquisition efforts
  • Understand and leverage the power of an employer brand in attracting talents


  1. The Evolution of the HR Role
    Because the landscape of business has changed, the role of people managers has also evolved. We will discover the changing role of HR in organizations- from transactional to transformational work and from administrative goals to strategic goals. We will also map out key challenges in talent acquisition that led to considering the employer brand.
  2. The Candidate Experience
    The interview is only one part of the applicant experience. There are many other ways in which our applicants interact with our company (e.g. our career portal, job fairs, assessment process, etc.). Are we confident that we are presenting the best version of ourselves at each of these applicant touch points? We will look into each of these interaction points and evaluate our level of effectiveness across each one as it relates to building a strong employer brand.
  3. The Significance of An Employer Brand
    What is our plan to encourage applicants to make us their first choice? Do applicants, employees and customers perceive our company as a great place to work? Learn the power of intuitionally building your employer brand to attract talent for the long term. Answer puzzling questions such as ‘What is an employer brand?’ What is the process to implement one? What resources do I need? And what metrics do I measure to ensure its effectiveness?
    We will also take time to look at Employee Value Propositions (EVPs) and their relevance to Employer Branding.
  4. Systems, Tools and Metrics for Talent Acquisition Success
    Learn what systems, tools and metrics Fortune 500 companies are using to increase their candidate pool, attract great talent and build stronger employer brands that people line up for. We will look at 2 case studies to get a grasp of best practice concepts and how we can apply this in our own organization.


AnjAnj Vera is the CEO of TalentView, a dynamic HR consulting firm helping companies strengthen their employer brands through a combination of brand strategy, HR design and social media technology.

Formerly with CEB-SHL, a global talent measurement firm, and Strata, an HR Technology firm, Anj more than a decade of experience in talent attraction, competency assessment and global talent management practices. Her time has been spent designing people initiatives for multinational organizations across Southeast Asia. She also serves as Team Leader and Trainer to the Civil Service Commission of the Philippines on the government project of training Subject Matter Specialists on Competency Modeling through the Philippines Australia HROD Facility (PAHRODF).

Anj received British Psychological Society (BPS) Level- SHL certifications on occupational personality and ability assessment and also completed the SHL Accredited Trainer (SAT) program in Shanghai, China. She is also a member of the Employer Brand Leadership program, a group of executives and global leaders trained by Employer Brand International (EBI), Australia, on establishing strong employer brands.

Anj holds a degree in Psychology (2005) from De La Salle University Manila and also completed the MBA program in the same institution (2014).

Event Details

When:  February 17, 2016 (9am – 5pm)

Where: Oakwood Hotel, ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Learning Investment*

Registration Fee (Regular Rate) : Php 8,750.00

Terms and Conditions

1. Registration is only valid once payment is made.

2. No refund for cancellations made 1 week before the learning event.

Venue Details


1. The hotel’s parking space is located at Topaz Road.
2. WiFi access will be provided to the guests.