The 12 Employer Branding Attributes

The 12 Employer Branding Attributes

The war for talent has risen over the years, prompting organizations to continually experiment to keep up with the rapidly changing landscape. The spotlight is now on recruitment and its capability to attract the right audience. With the crucial role that employer branding plays in human resources, recruitment teams are now evolving from traditional roles to emerge as strategic marketers in order to deliver results in talent attraction.

High-performing recruiters understand they need to know what they can offer and the unique expectations of their talent market in order to build effective communication strategies. While the formula of above-industry salary, company reputation and promotion has been tried and tested, there has been a shift in what captures the attention of potential talent and ultimately wins them over.

In line with these, here are 12 employer branding attributes developed by our research and audit team to help you understand what attribute your company can live out and attract the talents you are looking for:

1) Leadership

Having competent leaders who foster growth, development and collaboration. Employers who have a strong leadership attribute are organizations who have:

  • Fit Leaders
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Succession Planning
  • Strategic and Decisive Leaders

2) Work Environment

Creating an atmosphere that is organized and conducive to fun and collaboration. The attribute work environment includes:

  • Workspace management
  • Work-life balance
  • Relationship with superior
  • Workplace environment

3) Compensation and Benefits

Offering competitive remuneration packages including:

  • Health benefits
  • Retirement benefits
  • Performance-based compensation
  • Development allowance.

4) Growth and Development

Providing learning opportunities and programs to support progression into roles with greater responsibility, autonomy and scope. Organizations who value growth and development features opportunities for:

  • Functional development
  • Leadership development
  • Career progression
  • Educational development

5) Performance Management

Conducting regular feedback sessions and measuring performance in a dear and objective manner. Performance management includes having:

  • Clearly-defined performance standards
  • TNA Based-training programs
  • Collaboratively-setting goals
  • Performance assessment-based career progression

6) Company Reputation and Culture

Being part of a growing sector and being fair to its stakeholders. Company reputation and culture includes:

  • Company vision
  • Competitive industry
  • Fair company
  • Top choice brand

7) Company Mission, Vision, and Values

Having a compelling set of vision, mission values that the talent market can connect with. Companies with this attribute are mission, vision values driven organizations with:

  • Inspiring mission, vision and values
  • Mission, vision, values communication
  • Mission, vision, values alignment

8) HR Policies and Practices

Having clear policies that are consistently implemented, including:

  • Easy-to-follow and practical policies
  • Regularly-reviewed policies
  • Well-implemented policies
  • Legally-aligned and law-compliant policies

9) Recruitment and Onboarding

Being perceived as a great place to work and providing a sense of belonging to entering talent. This happens through providing excellent application and onboarding experience as well providing:

  • Welcoming environment
  • Award-winning environment

10) Innovation

Bringing new and innovation products and services to the market. This attribute includes:

  • Product/Service innovation
  • Involved employees
  • Continuous improvement
  • Employee-driven change

11) Community Contribution

Having programs that develop the community and link an individual’s contribution to the causes it supports. Employers who contributes to communities are conscientious organizations with evident and visible contribution of company to community. Programs include:

  • CSR involvement/immersion
  • Community involvement

12) Rewards and Recognition

Immediate recognition in the form of verbal, monetary, and symbolic praise including:

  • Immediate recognition
  • Organization-wide recognition
  • Extrinsic and purposeful rewards
  • Physical award

What Now?

Improve your overall recruitment by implementing a strategy that attracts your target talents to win them over. Start by understand which among the 12 attributes your organization can live out, then communicate it to your target talents to convince them to join your organization.

Having the capability to attract great talents gets you one step ahead towards gaining competitive advantage in today’s talent acquisition landscape.


Improve your recruitment and start attracting great talents now! Learn how to build your employer brand.