Start-ups need to start thinking how employees see them

Whether you see it or not, you have an employer brand. It’s how you’re perceived as a place of work. It can be as simple as what job seekers think of your work environment or as complex as how your employees feel about the intangible benefits they get from working for your organization.

Whatever your employer brand represents, it is important that you have a strong one. Why? Here are some of the wonders it can bring.

1. More engaged employees

Naturally, being part of a company that co-employees and outsiders rave about increases a person’s engagement and dedication to their work. They become aware that they’ve stumbled upon a great company and are eager to give their best to see it succeed.

2. More applications from qualified candidates

An authentic employer brand attracts the right candidates and deters those that don’t deem themselves fit to be part of the work culture. This means more quality applications for you and less time sifting through random applications and a roster of candidates that may not suit the job openings you have.

3. Employees become brand ambassadors

Social media is here to stay (obviously). The challenge of organizations is how to harness this tool to attract the right people and reach more customers that may find value in the services you offer.

The answer lies in employee love. When your employees love your company, they will naturally post last meeting’s awesome lunch, selfie pictures of your company outing and anything and everything they love about being part of your company. Give them a hashtag and see the waves of impact this will do for both your team members and your customers alike.

4. Increased acceptance of job offers

The world of work has shifted and companies often find themselves marketing more to their applicants than their applicants marketing to them. When you find the right candidate, you definitely don’t want to lose against the five other job offers they have on hand. This is a complete waste of time and more importantly, a potentially good candidate lost.

5. Less resignations

It’s not always about the money. When employees stumble upon work that engages them; give them a purpose; allow them to learn and interact with other awesome people; money becomes a less compelling factor to jump ship. Employees think twice about the culture they will leave behind and the team and/or manager that care about them. A strong employer brand with a consistent message inside and out makes people stay, contributes and inspires confidence in others, which in turn makes your organization more successful than ever.

When was the last time you thought about how your employees and applicants see your company? In a hyper-connected world, this truly matters because we either work to brand or risk to be branded.

This article was originally written and posted by Anj Vera, CEO of TalentView. The original post can be found here: