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5 Ways to Level Up Your Employer Brand

5 WAYS TO LEVEL UP YOUR EMPLOYER BRAND We're launching a 5 – part series to talk about the topic, ‘Global Trends in Employer Branding’. Watch these short videos as TalentView CEO, Anj Vera talks about insights on 5 ways how to level up your employer brand in today's talent acquisition landscape. In the introduction [...]

How to Use Psychometrics in the Workplace the Right Way

HOW TO USE PSYCHOMETRICS IN THE WORKPLACE THE RIGHT WAY Recruiting the right person for the right role is challenging today more than ever. With the help of the science of psychometrics, companies can still make informed hiring decisions that are efficient and effective. Psychometrics in the workplace is usually performed by administering employment tests [...]

2018 Business Impact of Talegent Assessment – Philippines Report

2018 BUSINESS IMPACT OF TALEGENT ASSESSMENT REPORT Read the 2018 Business Impact of Talegent Assessment Philippine Report to learn how Talegent, our online assessment solutions partner, created results through streamlining recruitment and talent acquisition processes. By browsing the report, you’ll find out how Talegent helped improve: Speed of processing applicants Quality of hires Candidate application [...]
Beginners Toolkit to Evaluating Employer Brand

Beginner’s Toolkit To Evaluating Employer Brand

BEGINNER'S TOOLKIT TO EVALUATING YOUR EMPLOYER BRAND Beginner's Toolkit To Evaluating Your Employer Brand Struggling to find qualified talents doesn't mean that your organization is not a great place to work for. It means that you need to have a communication style that resonates with your target talents. Identifying your communication style depends on your [...]

Monde Nissin

” Talegent platform has been able to give an overview on other competency and personality dimensions that might not have been previously measured or considered. Ease of administration and access helped in reaching more candidates even outside metro manila.” – Katrina Lautengco, HR Associate

The 12 Employer Branding Attributes

The 12 Employer Branding Attributes The war for talent has risen over the years, prompting organizations to continually experiment to keep up with the rapidly changing landscape. The spotlight is now on recruitment and its capability to attract the right audience. With the crucial role that employer branding plays in human resources, recruitment teams are [...]