Smart Communications Drives Digital Transformation

Smart Communications Drives Digital Transformation Through LinkedIn

Learn how Smart worked with LinkedIn to fulfill their recruitment needs and how they became the most recognized employer brands in the Philippines while saving 4 million pesos in recruitment cost.

Smart Communications: A LinkedIn Talent Solutions Success Story


The telecom industry globally and in Philippines has undergone so much change, the market landscape has evolved, the customers have changed. Realizing that, Smart Communications has to pivot. For them, digital transformation is necessary to sustain the best possible customer experience.


In the past it is easy for Smart Communications to handle their own recruitment in terms of looking for marketing, finance, tech people and the like. Today the rules have changed, its not only about hiring generalists, or talents, who are in the traditional kind of expertise. Now that Smart is a telecommunications company shifting to become a digital technology company, they need talents who are highly specialized in many areas.


Faced with an increasing demand to hire digital talent and professionals with niche skills, Smart Communications worked with LinkedIn to fulfill their recruiting needs. Through LinkedIn Talent Solutions, Smart was able to look at a wider array of talents, and hire highly specialized people they need to drive digital transformation.


The results of Smart Communication’s partnership with LinkedIn are:

  • 90% of candidates hired via LinkedIn were the right fit for Smart.
  • 77% hires made via linked have managerial and senior leadership experience.
  • Candidates via LinkedIn are high performers.
  • Saved 4 million pesos on recruitment cost.
  • 379% increase in number of LinkedIn followers from 2014-2015.
  • 171,000 followers on smarts LinkedIn company page. Smart is the most followed company in the Philippines.

“I couldn’t imagine any platform or any company that we can partnered with because smart communications doing digital transformation is the best fit in partnership with LinkedIn because its digital, forward looking, and the collaboration that we have set through the years is something that is a key component to this success.”

– Gail Mercado, Head of Leadership Branding & Talent Management, Smart Communications

“It’s nice because in LinkedIn we are able to look at an array, a menu of different kinds of talents that we need for the digital transformation, so that ultimately, we will always provide the best possible customer experience.”
– Perry Bayani, First VP – People & Culture Group, Smart Communication



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