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Talegent Cognitive Ability Report

TALEGENT cognitive ability REPORT

Talegent Cognitive Ability Report

About the Report

The Talegent Cognitive Ability Report (IQ tests) each draw on Talegent’s proprietary research. The results derived from these assessments provide an objective and accurate picture of the performance that can be expected from a candidate relative to the specific competencies required by an organization and/or job roles.

What to Expect from the Report

  • Cognitive Components
    • Logical Reasoning
    • Numerical Reasoning
    • Verbal Reasoning
    • Fault Finding
  • Candidate profile (name, norm comparison)
  • Test completion details
    • Completion (how many items answered)
    • Accuracy (how many items answered correctly)
    • Time Taken (how much time was used to complete the test)
  • Score Description and Percentile Ranking

To learn more about Talegent’s cognitive ability assessment, you may visit this page.


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